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Tattoo Girl for Rated

Creative Director and Content Director

2023 AW London Fashion Week, we took to the streets with a stunt-campaign duo, that involved getting papped and published online. 

The goal was to position Rated with credible fashion publications to reflect our aspirational ethos: a fashion platform for small creators to find true success.


A very real feeling that we instilled in our (Rated) logo covered underdog it girl, Chantelle, who was featured in Vogue, Dazed Media, HYPEBEAST, Fashion Street Canada, RUSSH Magazine and many more.

The Process

To pull this off on a next-to-nothing budget, we had to plan every detail meticulously. Firstly we needed our eye-catching big idea, something that would turn heads at Fashion Week in an oversaturated crowd of fashion-centric folk all dressed to impress with the latest designer clothes. 

The Big Idea: A Rated Branded Ambush 

During the ideation period, we came across Puma’s Linford Christie 1996 ambush campaign. We needed a modern take on this strategy - bigger, bolder and GenZ-centric. Inspired by John Yuyi's fake tattoo artwork, we had a solid basis for a visual approach.

Art Direction

Casting was considered on 3 elements: a micro-influencer to uphold Rated's underdog values, an attitude that screams fashion week, and someone comfortable showing off a lot of skin... introducing Chantelle.